Big Butt Attack #07

Romanian Tomy Style is a long, tan taut drink of European fizzy water lounging on the couch in a bikini, showing off just how ridiculously lengthy her legs are. When the tall, dark beauty stands she mugs down at the camera before peeling down her bottoms and letting Raul wet his thumb from behind camera and soften up her asshole while she slides her fingers between her darker-hued labia. She masturbates, heels up behind her head, as Raul shoves a horse-haired dildo up her ass and in her mouth. Claudio Meloni and James Brossman enter from either side, and she gets to work sucking them off. Looking at the camera with wild eyes, she shoves both in her mouth at once. One stud bends her over the other's lap so she can keep practicing her sucking while he rails her pussy, swiftly graduating to her ass. The guys concentrate on her ass for the rest of the scene, trading off through doggie and reverse-cowgirl positions, the other always keeping his cock warm and ready in her mouth. They both squeeze out loads into Tomy's mouth which she laps up with gusto before swallowing.

Big Butt Attack #07
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