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Ria is in love. She moved here with her parents only a month ago and she's been thinking of her lover ever since they left their last city. Ria's lover sent her numerous notes of incredible affection while they were closer to one another. All month Ria has been searching for her lover's words, and today she finally found them. She ravishes the box containing the love letters savoring each with a different sense of time and romantic nostalgia. Her feelings are bittersweet.As soon as the letters have all been read and placed in their new configuration, so that she can find the best ones fast, she sits back letting the bitter feelings ripen into sweet feelings of inexplicable romance. The fire beneath her clothes grows hotter and she can't resist feeling her inflamed clitoris through her soft panties. As she rubs the cotton deeper into her tender areas she releases soft breathy moans into her atmosphere. Sliding her underwear to the side she opens her legs revealing her juicy shaved pussy. She wets a finger to insert and opens her pussy wide to grab a glimpse of her perfectly arranged flower. As she inserts her fingers she guides them deep inside to stimulate every last sensitive part.As her clothes are peeled off piece by piece Ria relishes the feel of the soft fabric stimulating her sensitive nipples and disheveling her beautiful hair. She continues to rub herself with her slick fingers this time she inserts her middle finger and quickens her movements to build a rhythm. Each moment her hands are in contact with her pussy she is in pure ecstasy. Her imagination is running wild imagining fantasies with her lover. All Ria's rubbing, stimulating and penetrating has led her onto her knees, where she is able to thrust her fingers inside herself from behind. She takes a taste of her own sweet nectar, and continues. The thought of her lover brings her directly to the point of orgasm, but not past. With one last taste she fingers herself more, until finally the sounds of her pussy and her fervent moans catapult her into ecstasy. Laying back with her lover's letters she imagines lying there together with gentle exchanges of their lust and desire.

Ria - Sweet Memories - Girlsway
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