Sandra - Cherry Kiss - Girlsway

There's a big cherry tree outside Sandra's house. Every year in the beginning of June the cherries are ready to be picked and Sandra waits all year long for the first day each spring that she can taste a sweet fresh cherry straight off the tree in her yard. This year though, her annual ritual celebration has even more significance. This year the nubile young lady will get a taste of a different type of cherry. As she tastes the red fruit for the first time she gets extra playful. The berries bring out the glow in her soft white skin. The bright sun gently wafts through the room, and caresses both the cherries and Sandra's supple skin, balancing the room's sexual energy with nostalgia and pure fun. Sandra plays cherry pong with some clear wine glasses and as the fun winds into passion the haze of the day allows Sandra to begin to explore her body, rolling the cherries around her chewy nipples and undressing to let her body melt into it's environment. Sandra starts by caressing her shaved pussy through her grey panties. It feels so good that instantly her hips are off the table, following her hand for more. She slides the undergarments to the side, allowing her to access her soft shaved pussy with her fingers. She lets her snatch taste the outer skin of the bright cherries before sliding her fingers in between the elastic lips of her pussy.Again using a cherry she stimulates herself before gently guiding her middle finger deep inside herself. She begins to moan as she continues to masturbate. Sandra's breath quickens and as she grasps her nubile breasts, turning over to feel her peach pit from behind. As her fingers begin to move faster, so quickens her breath and the rhythm of her moans in the open space of her kitchen. Sandra's moans grow like the strong trunk of the cherry tree getting louder with every thrust of her fingers. As she continues to masturbate, Sandra's tender fruit becomes inflamed. Eventually, her moans turn to screams and cries of intense pleasure, and with that she has reached her orgasm. As she lies down to be with her cherries again she relishes the last stirrings of her cherry glow.

Sandra - Cherry Kiss - Girlsway
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