Taurus POV

Mr. Pete actually got a little shy over Taurus's beauty. He got a tad more intimate getting to know her and her tattoos and her soft natural titties. She crawled up onto the table and revealed she was not wearing any panties - so hot! Taurus bent over and teased him with her perfect tight round ass, like he was her special customer at her stage! He even got a special show when her breasts started to lactate! Mr. Pete squeezed her nipples and they actually sprayed the camera with breastmilk - and then she cleaned it off with her tongue. Holy mother.. They're like fun toys. Plus, sucking on cock also makes Taurus's slit drip with anticipation - she's good at soaking things in general. Things get pretty wet and wild when he fucks her right in the pussy and sucks milk directly from her boobs!

Taurus POV
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