The Hidden Touch

Masseuse Kat Dior bought a tiny new vibrator with Bluetooth remote control. She shows it to her colleague Christie Stevens who comes up with a plan to stick it in a hot client and massage her together. Just then, Nikki Knightly walks in from the mall with lower back pain. They agree to take her on the spot, offering her a second pair of hands at no extra charge. This will be Nikki's first time with two girls. Once Nikki gets naked and lies face down, the masseuses apply oil and identify her knots. Kat rubs her shoulder and Christie massages her legs. Then, Christie introduces the vibrator as something called the chakra wand. She claims that it opens the root chakra from the inside, and it slides in just like a tampon. Nikki doesn't know what a tampon feels like. But when Christie and Kat insert the small device, Nikki really feels it go in. Kat and Christie make small talk with the client before turning the wand on remotely. When Nikki admits she's a virgin and saving herself for mister right, the lesbians secretly flip the power switch. Nikki is gripped by the strangest sensation. She is tingling all over and doesn't know why! Nikki turns over onto her back thinking that will help. Christie massages her legs, and Kat rubs her breasts, When Nikki questions the breast massage, Christie turns up the power on the vibrator. Nikki's body recoils from the shock of pleasure. The masseuses play dumb and blame the chakra stick. Christie takes it out and licks her clit. Nikki's pussy is so sensitive from the vibrator, she almost cums the instant Christie's mouth makes contact. Kat and Christie get undressed to fuck the virgin. Both lesbians climb onto the table. Kat sits on Nikki's face and Christie keeps eating her snatch till Nikki cums hard. The threesome reconfigures. Kat rides Christie's tongue while Nikki and Kat eat Christie. Then Kat gets a taste of Nikki while Christie rims Kat's asshole and prods her pussy with her finger. Nikki licks out Kat's sensitive pussy till she squirts all over the massage table! Nikki sticks her tongue up Christie's ass, while cumming hard in Kat's mouth!

The Hidden Touch
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